Wandering Post: Beaching on a Budget

My happy place is the beach. It is where I feel most relaxed, no worries about work, school or life. Just the simple crashing of the waves and heat from the sun on my skin (that rarely sees anything but florescent lights). 

The only thing Nashville is missing is a beach. Don’t get me wrong we have some beautiful lakes within an hour drive. Thanks to my friends, I have only recently discovered how beautiful the Tenneessee River can be and has quickly climbed the ranks in my favorite escape vacation places. I love visiting these places and have made some fantastic memories on these trips they don’t quite feed my soul like the beach. 

At my last job it was a running joke that I always had my next beach trip planned before I got back from the last one. That’s semi-true. Knowing that there is a beach trip on the calendar, even if it’s 6 months out, makes 50 hour work weeks, 6 hours of night classes, and countless hours of homework more bearable. Since I love the beach so much I’ve had to find a way to maximize my time off work and budget to work together. 

Thankfully Southwest runs direct flights from BNA to ECP (Nashville International to Panama City Airport). This flight turns an 8 hour drive into a 1 hour flight. If you watch the sales you can catch these flights cheap. My round trip flight for this weekend was only $160.  I understand I’m just one person but making an 8 hour drive into a 1 hour flight is well worth the money.  

The next problem is that once you’re here, you have to be able to get around. I looked at Ubebred but a few uber rides can add up quickly. The last few times I have come down I have rented cars using Pricelines “Name your own price” tool.  This trip I have car from Thursday at 9 AM till Sunday night. 4 days for $139. 

For me this is ideal, I only have to take 2 days off work, get to enjoy 4 full days in my happy place for the reasonable cost of $299. If I had driven my vehicle down here it would have been at least 4 tanks of gas round trip, at around $35 a tank I really am have paid $159 and saved a vacation day I would have used to drive here.

Next you have to find where to stay. VRBO or Airbnb you can usually find very reasonable rates on places to stay. So gets group of friends together, split the condo, and make memories.

So get out there and wander! You need a break every once in a while. Nashville will be there welcoming us home- a little tanner and a little more relaxed. 

See you all on Sunday! Hope you have a smile half as big as my nephew’s is when he’s playing in the waves.