Restaurant Spotlight: SINEMA

Sinema is located off 8th Avenue in Nashville, TN,also known as the Melrose area, in a restored 1940s movie theater. The ambiance gives you the feel that you have walked into Old Hollywood. Sinema’s designers were able to find a way preserve the history of the old theater but also pull it to the 21st century.   The drinks aptly play off after early Hollywood blockbusters (like Daisy’s Answer)

But let’s talk about what you came here to read about, THE FOOD. Oh my goodness, it is no surprise Sinema has been featured in national publications, like Bon Appetit and Southern Living, or why it was rated the Best New Restaurant in the Nashville Scene’s annual “Best of Nashville” volume.

The First


For “The First” Course we almost ordered everything Sinema offered. Truffle Arancini, Bread & Butter,Octopus, and the Pork Belly. While everything was good, my favorite two were probably the Truffle Arancini and the Pork Belly.  The Truffle Arancini is hot melted cheese bites, a few fried artichokes, and topped with Parmesan cheese. The pork belly was topped with mango and and grilled peaches and served with a cornbread pancake. It was amazing. Tender and juicy pork belly bites and the sweetness of the fruit was a perfect compliment. One of the best apps I’ve ever had.


For “The Second” I got the Tomato soup with grilled cheese bites.  The grilled cheese bites were served on pretzel buns and the tomato soup is made with heirloom tomatoes (aka the best tomatoes).

I was lucky enough that my table ordered different Entrees so that I was able to sample everyones. Ordering is the hardest part of eating out because I want to try everything and don’t want to limit it to just ONE dish. So I like when my friends humor me and we get a sampler platter of entrees. I ordered the stuffed pork myself, stuffed with jalapenos, field peas, apples, and BACON. Two of my friends order the mussels. They probably could have shared it, or maybe we should have gotten it as an appetizer, because it was a hearty serving of mussels and the au jous they came in was so delicious we had to order some extra baguettes to soak it all up.

Finally there was the Chicken Parmesan. IT WAS SERVED ON FIRE. Now I don’t know about you but I think any dish that has (purposely) been served to me on fire has been amazing. Maybe the show before the meal makes me more predetermined to love it but this Chicken Parmesan  was probably one of the best I’ve ever had.

For the ladies, the bathroom has a section that looks like a Hollywood Dressing room. So stop by and take an epic selfie with your friends.


After you finish your meal you can wander over to the Sutler for some live music upstairs or sit back and catch up with friends in the swanky basement and experience another up and coming area of Nashville.

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