Let’s Brunch! Nashville

RBF.  It’s a problem we all have, especially on Saturday morning. I admit it, on Saturday mornings I have Resting Brunch Face.  Luckily for me I do not have to suffer in silence. Nashville has so many hot spots for brunch. Whether you want to go someone a little higher class like Marche on the East Side, you wanting two for ones at Tavern or you want the best doughnut you’ve ever had from 5 Daughters, Nashville has you covered.

I have one week left in my master’s program and I fully intend to take back my Saturday mornings, embrace my RBF, and try as many Nashville brunch spots as I can. If you have any spots you know I need to move up on my list please comment on Facebook, Instagram, or below on the blog! I need to know!





Nashville Hot Chicken(salad)

Nashville Hot Chicken has become a trademark “Nashville” dish.  Around the city most restaurants have taken their own spin on the dish.  For breakfast, Biscuit Love offers the “Princess” which serves hot chicken on a biscuit, drizzled with honey, garnished with a pickle. For lunch you can visit one of the many new Nashville Hot Chicken joints around town like Hattie B’s or Party Fowl.  If you are looking for a sophisticated twist for dinner you can start off at Josephine’s with “Nashville Hot Scrapple”. (Note: I’m not exactly sure what “scrapple” is but hey, maybe that’s what you’re into)

Any true Nashville Native should be able to tell you the original place that blessed us with Nashville Hot Chicken,a little place outside of town, Prince’s.  Nashville folklore weaves a tale of womanizer Thorton Prince coming home the morning after a night of escapades to an angry girlfriend who wanted a little revenge.  She made Prince fried chicken for breakfast but added some unexpected heat with cayenne pepper trying to make her beau suffer a little for his actions.  Her plan backfired, Prince loved it and when he opened his first restaurant,BBQ Chicken Shack,  it went on the menu.

Whether this legend is true or not we may never know. What is a fact though is that Prince’s Hot Chicken was awarded the James Beard Award in 2013 and is credited with inventing the dish.  Thanks to Thorton Prince (or his fed-up girlfriend) all across the globe you can find Nashville style “hot” fried chicken.

Here in the south, when the oil is heating up in the cast iron skillet and the chicken is being breaded, your mouth starts to water with anticipation for an amazing dinner.  While making dinner my family decided to experiment a little with our own style of Nashville Hot Chicken. I wanted to take that one step further and expand to summer dish we all love, chicken salad.

Below you will find my recipe for Nashville Hot Chicken(salad) and biscuits.  Try it out and become part of the Nashville Hot Chicken craze!


for chicken salad:  

1/2 cup water

4 cups flour

1 cup corn starch




Onion Powder

6 eggs

1 lb of chicken legs (bone in prefered), let the chicken sit out of the fridge for about 20 minutes before you put it in the pan

Cayenne Pepper to taste (a little goes a long way, start off easy)

1 cup Lefty Spicy Chicken N Fish  Mix (optional)

3 Tablespoons Brown Sugar

1-2 Cans Crisco

1/4 cup mayonnaise

4 pickle spears, diced

for biscuits:

2 + 1/4 cups of Bisquick Mix

2/3 cup of buttermilk

Directions: In a ziplock bag combine flour, corn starch, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, brown sugar,garlic, onion powder and Leftys.  Blend the spices together well.  Heat up your frying pan on medium high heat.  Separate egg whites from the egg yolks.  Place the egg yolks only in a large bowl and combine with 1/2 cup water to create the egg wash.  Coat the legs in the egg wash and then put in the ziplock bag and give it a some good ole Shake N’ Bake action (shake it up real hard). Put Crisco into the hot frying pan to melt.  Once the crisco has liquified slowly put the well coated chicken in to the pan. Turn often to keep an even browning.   Cook until golden brown, about 15 minutes – internal temperature should be at 165 degrees.

Immediately after you take the chicken out of the pan sprinkle with a dash of cayenne pepper,brown sugar and Lefty’s if desired.

Shred the chicken off the bone into a bowl, add diced pickles and mayonnaise.

for biscuits:

Now these are from scratch biscuits but I promise, they are better than the can & a whole quicker.  Combine the bisquick and buttermilk and knead into a dough ball.  Sprinkle a little flour on the counter and roll out the dough to about a 1/2″+ thick.  Using a small cup press out biscuits and place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Repeat until all the dough has been used to form biscuits. Bake for 9 minutes @ 450 degrees.

Now put your freshly made Nashville Hot Chicken Salad on the biscuit and enjoy!  Maybe pair it with a nice Yazoo Dos Perros to have the full Nashville experience!