Nashville Loving & Living

Hey Ya’ll! (let me translate that for all the non-Southerns: Hello Everyone!)

Nashville is America’s “it” city right now. For those of us that have called Nashville home since childhood, we really never saw that coming. Of course I have always loved my hometown. I grew up in what is endearingly refer to as L.A. (Lower Antioch), went to high school in downtown, and- after a brief stint living in Alabama- moved home four years ago to Green Hills.  When I moved home I had no idea how much more I would fall in love with Nashville and how much I would love hosting friends so they could experience MY city. Luckily being the “it” city gives me ample opportunity to host friends who want to visit for the weekend. I have the Nashville tour spots down to a ritual now.

Since I have come home to Nashville I have been lucky enough to see artist perform at some of the country’s top music venues. I have seen comics who were new to the industry at Zanies who are now walking red carpets in Hollywood.  I’ve spent Saturdays with friends tasting the local beers at breweries around town before we went Honky Tonking on Broadway.  As an avid sports fan I also enjoy supporting my hometown teams, from the NCAA National Championship Vandy baseball team to the Preds who Nashville fought to keep and yes, I also frequent the Titans games and always enjoy myself.

Probably my favorite aspect of getting to call the current “it” city my hometown is the influx we have had of amazing restaurants.  I’ve been able to eat so many amazing, unique dishes.  There are just SO many fantastic places to eat.  You also never know who you are going to bump into at one of these places.  I met DAVE GROHL waiting for my hot chicken one night! Dave Grohl! Maybe it’s just me but I probably watched the “Learn to Fly” video 100 times in a time before YouTube existed so this moment for me was amazing. I even broke the Nashville Native unspoken rule of not bothering celebrities for photos. He was in Nirvana, I had to.  (Our picture is on the about me page if you want proof!)

I want to share all of this with you and hopefully after each post hopefully you can see Nashville through my eyes and maybe fall in love with it a little more too.  Whether you are coming to visit for a weekend, moving here to start a new chapter of your life, or have lived here your entire life I promise you, Nashville has something to offer you!

Let’s Wander Nashville together!




One thought on “Nashville Loving & Living

  1. Great article, Nickolette! You definitely convinced me that I need to visit soon and enlist you (and your sweet Mama!) to be my tour guide. I look forward to following your posts on this fun city.

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